44th Journée des Economistes de la Santé Français (JESF) in December 2022

Bruxelles Woluwe

In December 2022, Sandy Tubeuf, Luigi Boggian and Alexia Bigorne attended the 44th Journées des Economistes de la Santé Français (JESF) taking place in Lilles (France). This annual conference gathers together more than 200 French-speaking health economists for 3 days. Presentations were organised in parallel sessions with 45 minutes slots assigned to each paper: authors’ presentations were followed by discussants’ feedback and by comments and advice taken from the audience. Prof. Han Bleichrodt (Université d’Alicante, Erasmus School of Economics) was the invited speaker for the plenary session and he gave a presentation with the title "New developments in decision under uncertainty and their application to health".

Alexia presented her paper on “Gender differences in inequality of opportunity in general, mental and physical health” that was discussed by Clara Dugord (Université Paris Dauphine). Luigi presented his paper Immigration and disparities in prescriptions for CVD risk factors treatments that was discussed by Antoine Marsaudon (IRDES). He also discussed the paper Risk and vulnerability in migration: individual and collective informal strategies by Marine de Talancé (Université Paris-Est Créteil, Université Paris Dauphine) and Sandra Pellet (Université Paris-Est Créteil, Institut Convergences Migrations). Sandy Tubeuf was assigned to discuss the paper Impact of the 2016 GHT policy on hospital patient flows. An openness ratio approach by Loïc Guérin (EHESP) and Nicolas Sirven (EHESP) and she also chaired the session “Santé et Protection sociale” (“Health and social protection”).