Ana Lomadze, a PhD student from Ilia University, Tbilissi (Georgia), for three months at the Centre De Wulf-Mansion

Ana is beneficiary of an Erasmus+ and will work closely with Jacob Schmutz. Ana is preparing a thesis on "The semantic triangle in John Duns Scotus' commentaries on De Interpretatione and other works" at Ilia University Tbilissi, with Prof. Tamar Tskhadadze.

Abstract: John Duns Scotus wrote two commentaries on Aristotle's De Interpretatione. (Quaestiones in duos libros Perihermenias and Quaestiones in primum librum Perihermenias). Aristotle's De Interpretatione is a part of his logical works; but in Duns Scotus' questiones logical topics are connected with the issues, which are interesting from an epistemological and ontological point of view too. His commentaries concern the semantic triangle; He asks what kind of relation is between things (res), affections of the soul (passiones animae), and utterance (voces). Duns Scotus has two theories about this issue. According to one of them, utterance represents species. The second theory says that utterance represents things (not yet as existing but as understood). In this early work, he does not say which of these theories is more accurate, although both of them are representational models of thinking. On the other hand, Duns Scotus has some non-representational theories, i.e. intuitive theory of knowledge. My aim is to reconsider Duns Scotus' main philosophical views according to semantic triangle theory and determine and accord with each other representational and non-representational elements of his thought.


Publié le 14 avril 2023