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Greener connectivity
Prof. J.-P. Raskin’s innovation teaches us that deterioration of surface is needed to improve all the Radio Frequency figures of merit of silicon-based telecommunication devices. Today, 100% of the smartphones integrate this technology.

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New faculty

Welcome to Renaud Detry

We are more than happy to welcome Renaud Detry, new Faculty in ICTEAM ! Renaud earned his Master's and Ph.D. degrees in computer engineering...
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Funding for AI research

TRAIL obtains funding from the Walloon Region

Excellent news: the TRAIL inter-university institute co-founded by Benoît Macq (UCLouvain/ICTEAM) and Thierry Dutoit (UMons) has obtained the...
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e-Gov Award for Coronalert

The Coronalert application, of which Axel Legay (UCLouvain/ICTEAM) is the co-project leader with Bart Preneel (KULeuven), won the very prestigious...
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Most Influential Paper Award SPLC 2020

Axel Legay, together with colleagues at the University of Namur, received the ICSE' 2020 Most Influential Paper (MIP) Award for their paper "Model...
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