Short courses

The interuniversity doctoral school provides an advanced training in the different areas of theoritical and applied methods used in statistics/actuarial sciences and is hence highly interdisciplinary.
This training is achieved by:
> regular short courses, given by visiting professors from abroad and internationally recognized experts in their field
> summer schools

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Short courses

Sylvain Sardy, Université de Genève

Statistics and optimisation by Professor Sylvain Sardy, Université de Genève   Dates   15/02/2018 and 16/02/2018 at ISBA, UCL, Louvain-la-Neuve   Registration Please...
Short courses

Johannes Lederer, Bochum University

Introduction into high-dimensional statistics : Theory and Practice, by Johannes Lederer, Bochum University   Dates   5/03 - 7/03 - 12/03 - 14/03/2018 at ISBA, UCL,...