Doctoral dissertations "in progress"

ASENOVA Stefka : "Graphical Models and Extremes"
Promotor: Johan Segers

BELHOUARI Oussama : To confirm
Promotor: Pierre Devolder

DEKETELAERE Benjamin : To confirm
Promotor: A. El Ghouch et I. Van Keilegom

DELHELLE Morine : To confirm
Promotor: I. Van Keilegom

DIAKITE Keivan : "Mélange optimal entre répartition et capitalisation dans le financement des pensions publiques"
Promotor: Pierre Devolder

DOMS Hortense : To confirm
C. Legrand

DUPRET Jean-Loup : To confirm
D. Hainaut

HANNA Vanessa : "Financement des pensions complémentaires sous des taux d'intérêt bas"
Promotor: Pierre Devolder

HOOGSTOEL Fanny : To confirm
Promotor: Catherine Legrand et Michel Denuit

HU Shuang : To confirm
Promotor: Johan Segers

JACQUEMAIN Alexandre : "Semi-parametric Lorenz regressions"
Promotor: Christian Hafner, Cédric Heuchenne

KETELBUTERS John-John : "Time-consistent valuation of credit risk with contagion between default"
Promotor: Pierre Devolder

LADEKPO Chikêola : To confirm
Promotor: C. Legrand and C. Bugli

LHAUT Stéphanie : To confirm
Promotor: Johan Segers

MATHIEU Sophie : "Statistically supervised analysis and monitoring of the International Sunspot number index"
Promotor: Rainer von Sachs

MOURAHIB Anas : To confirm
Promotor: Johan Segers

NJIKE LUENGA Charles-Guy : "Hawkes and switching processes for modeling the interbank default risk in interest rate and longevity markets"
Promotor: Pierre Devolder, Donatien Hainaut

SOETEWEY Antoine : "Life and health actuarial pricing: a biostatistics approach"
Promotor: Michel Denuit et Catherine Legrand    

TAVERNE Cédric : "Evaluation of some reinforcements of the stated preference methods using the potential of computer based questionnaires"
Promotor: Bernadette Govaerts, Philippe Lambert

THIEL Michel : "Development of modern chemometrics methods for spectroscopy monitoring of active pharmaceutical ingredients in chemical reactions"
Promotor: Bernadette Govaerts