The Institute of Statistics, Biostatistics and Actuarial Sciences (ISBA) of the Université catholique de Louvain (UCL) is a research centre of high international reputation.

It was created at UCL in September 2009 by merging the Institute of Statistics (founded in 1992) and the Institute of Actuarial Sciences (existing since 1939). ISBA promotes, stimulates and coordinates numerous activities related to the three fields at UCL.

ISBA collaborates with the teaching unit Louvain School of Statistics, Biostatistics and Actuarial Sciences (LSBA) and the technological platform Statistical Methodology and Computing Support (SMCS). A detailed account of all the activities at ISBA can be found in the specific annual reports.

Together with the

> Center for Operational Research and Econometrics (CORE),
> Institut des Recherches Economiques et Sociales (IRES),
Statistical Methodology and Computing Support (SMCS),
>  Louvain Finance (LFIN),

ISBA forms the Louvain Institute of Data Analysis and Modeling in economics and statistics (LIDAM) - where researchers develop and use a coherent set of tools and methods for quantitative modelling and analysis in their various fields of expertise.