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A Louvain-la-Neuve
60 crédits - 1 année
Horaire de jour - En anglais
Sigle du programme: EBEP2MC
Cadre francophone de certification (CFC) : 7
Mémoire/Travail de fin d'études : OUI
Stage : NON
Activités en anglais: OUI
Activités en d'autres langues : NON
Activités sur d'autres sites : NON


This Advanced Master, open only to students already holding a Master's, prepares you for European affairs and for European policy officer positions in enterprises, government and NGOs. It develops your abilities to:

  1. understand the designs and functioning of European economic policies
  2. assess the impact of EU economic policies on business and society
  3. understand how business strategies and lobbying practices from different stakeholders can shape EU economic policies  
  4. design strategies for firms and NGOs that take into account the EU policies and their institutional framework
  5. integrate the challenges of European and international competition into "socially responsible" management practices.

This Master also offers different unique opportunities that will add value to your curriculum:

  • by including experimented practitioners in European affairs from EU institutions, business and NGOs   
  • by analysing specific case studies in European affairs
  • by organizing special events on major current European issues
Votre profil


  • have a Master's degree and you wish to develop an expertise in European economic policies and European business strategies
  • wish to work with business or NGOs to adapt and influence the EU economic policies
  • wish to design strategies for business and NGOs in the EU institutional and economic context
  • strive for excellence in EU affairs expertise.

Votre futur job

  • Working in or with EU institutions
  • Position of responsibility in the EU affairs management of companies and NGOs
  • Economic and trade diplomacy
  • Consultancy and European Public affairs (lobbying) for business, NGOs, public institutions
  • Think tanks focusing on EU affairs
  • Journalism specialized in the business and economics aspects of EU affairs

Votre programme

During this Master, you will develop the skills necessary to grasp the complexity of the EU economic policies, European business strategies and the varied challenges companies and NGOs face in the moving environment of the EU.

The Master 60 will be composed of:

  • Some core courses and some elective courses
  • a special training week to address a major current European issue
  • a Final paper with a seminar to provide methodological inputs and feedback as well as presentation skills

Please note that, depending on your academic background, teaching units (= prerequisite courses) could be added to your master programme.