Séminaire d'intégration pharmaceutique (finalité spécialisée)

wfarm2259  2024-2025  Bruxelles Woluwe

Séminaire d'intégration pharmaceutique (finalité spécialisée)
8.00 credits
40.0 h

The prerequisite(s) for this Teaching Unit (Unité d’enseignement – UE) for the programmes/courses that offer this Teaching Unit are specified at the end of this sheet.
This teaching unit, which concludes the academic curriculum of pharmacists, invites the student to integrate all of his knowledge in the diversity of pharmaceutical sciences when faced with a question of responsible delivery of a drug.
It consists of a certification exercise where the student is required to analyze a medical prescription for a drug for a given patient. The student is required to analyze this prescription from the aspects of chemistry, analysis, pathology, pharmacology, pharmacotherapy and galenics.
Teaching methods
Throughout the year, the student is invited to prepare independently by considering this exercisethrough a focus on the drugs that he encounters during his internships and lessons.
The challenges of this teaching unit are communicated at the start of the academic year. In addition, the teaching team takes care to organize a concrete explanation session of this exercise as well as some formative exercises in the presence of all the students.
Evaluation methods
The exam is oral with preparation time. This preparation allows the student to structure his reflections in relation to the prescribed drug and its responsible delivery to a patient. During the exam, the student must demonstrate mastery in disciplines related to pharmaceutical sciences, and in particular physiology, pathology, pharmacology (pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacotherapy), medicinal chemistry, analysis, medical biochemistry, galenics and legislation / ethics.
Other information
The integration of pharmaceutical disciplines within the framework of the expert analysis of a drug prescription requires having completed the full course of Master in pharmaceutical sciences, including compulsory internships in pharmacies. The prerequisites of this course are therefore very broad and it is not possible to engage in this teaching unit without validation of the courses in pharmacology / therapy or in galenic pharmacy. The completion of at least 4 months of the compulsory pharmacy internship is also prerequisite.
Online resources
Practical information about the exam and advice on how to prepare it are provided on the course's Moodle page, accessible to the entire UCLouvain community.
Teaching materials
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Master [120] in Pharmacy