At Louvain-la-Neuve
120 credits - 2 years
Day schedule - In English
Programme acronym: ELEC2M
Francophone Certification Framework : 7
Dissertation/Graduation Project : YES
Internship : optional
Activities in English: YES
Activities in other languages : YES
Activities on other sites : optional


This Master’s degree offers you:

  • Diverse professional opportunities in the industrial sector and in the multiple applications of electricity and its related fields;
  • Learning how to approach a project;
  • Immersion in research laboratories and high technology;
  • A large choice of majors;
  • The possibility to complete a part of your coursework or internship abroad (in Europe and elsewhere in the world).
Your profile



  • have solid skills in the field of electrical sciences and are capable of seeing a job through to the end;
  • Wish to develop the skills that will allow you to meet future technological challenges in the scientific and technical fields linked to electricity and its applications;
  • Want to design, model, carry out and validate projects by way of experiments, devices, equipment and complex systems;
  •  Envisage a career in research or industry.
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This Master’s degree offers you:

  • Mastery of mathematical and physical methods related to electricity (circuits and measures, electromagnetics, physical electronics);
  • Advanced education in electronics, electromagnetics, communication, information technology, mathematics and system design;
  • Specialisations in electronic systems, telecommunication, microwaves, information and signal processing, biomedicine, cryptography, electronics, MEMS receptors, nanotechnology and photovoltaic techniques.