At Bruxelles Saint-Louis
180 credits - 3 years
Day schedule - In French
Programme acronym: ECGB1BA
Francophone Certification Framework : 6
Dissertation/Graduation Project : NO
Internship : NO
Activities in English: YES
Activities in other languages : optional
Activities on other sites : optional


Economics and management sciences are two disciplines which focus on the economic dimension of society. Economics seeks to understand how the economy functions as a whole. It analyses the mechanisms which structure the exchanges between individuals, companies (private or public), the state and countries. In particular, it studies the functioning of the various markets in which these exchanges take place: financial markets, labour markets, international markets, etc. Management sciences adopt the viewpoint of the organisations active within the economic system, be they companies or administrations.

The bachelor's degree in economics and management at the Saint-Louis - Bruxelles site, in the centre of Brussels (near Botanique and Rogier metro stations), offers students the chance to discover both approaches within a single programme. After gaining in-depth knowledge of these two disciplines according to their interests and skills, students can choose economics or management at master's level.

Your profile

The bachelor's degree in economics and management is for you if:

  • you are interested in the business world;
  • you want to understand how the stock market works;
  • you want to develop your critical thinking skills and your ability to analyse economic information;
  • you are looking for an extensive programme which leads to several different opportunities.

Your future job

The economics and management programme is divided into two cycles: the three-year bachelor's degree and the one- or two-year master's degree. After completing a master's degree in economics or management, there are many and varied career opportunities:

  • Numerous management positions in the private sector (industry and services): organisation and production management, financial management, marketing, human resources management;
  • Consultancy firms;
  • Public and private, national and international banks and financial institutions;
  • Management functions in public administration and public companies;
  • Analyst or advisor in public administration, political parties, ministerial offices;
  • Education and academic research.

Your programme

The bachelor's degree in economics and management is made up of courses which can be divided into six categories:

  1. Economics
  2. Management
  3. Law
  4. Computer science and quantitative methods
  5. Humanities and social sciences
  6. Languages

The proportion of the programme devoted to economics and management increases gradually each year.

Pursuing a dual bachelor's degree

Our dual bachelor's degrees are one of the special features of UCLouvain Saint-Louis - Bruxelles.

Students can take a second bachelor's degree, in tandem with their main bachelor's degree. This means that they complete their main programme with a minimum of 60 and a maximum of 125 additional credits spread over several years. The additional bachelor's degree can be completed after the main bachelor's degree. A series of courses taken as part of the main programme count towards the additional bachelor's degree and are therefore no longer subject to assessment.

The additional bachelor's degree has the same value as the main bachelor's degree and provides immediate access to the corresponding master's degree.

The following second degrees are available:

 For further information, please contact the faculty administration: