Teaching method

The quality of our Master’s programme is continuously monitored by external auditors through the EQUIS international accreditation process. In terms of teaching methods, the two main strengths of our programmes are:

  • An education that mixes academic knowledge and professional practice

Blended training is provided by academics who are top researchers in their fields and professionals, specially selected for their experience and widely renowned expertise. As a result, students are exposed to the latest scientific advances in management studies and their application in business life. Formal teaching is complemented with a hands-on learning experience that students acquire in various ways (group projects in connection with organizations, internship, master thesis). Students can also access a wide array of extra-curricular activities organised by the School’s Corporate Unit.

  • A focus on active learning and the development of multidisciplinary skills

We have created a learning environment that combines a variety of interactive teaching methods: lectures, case studies, group assignments, individual and group projects, problem-solving, flipped classrooms, business games, invited speakers. To optimize the learning experience, we blend theoretical and practical work, hard and soft skills, as well as in-person and online teaching activities. Courses are bundled in modular parts of six weeks to strengthen the acquisition of knowledge and competences. Exams may be organized at the end of each six-week part to complement the continuous assessment (interim tests, individual and group assignments) that is organized during the part.