At Bruxelles Saint-Louis
60 credits - 1 year
Shift schedule - In French
Programme acronym: GRFB2MC
Francophone Certification Framework : 7
Dissertation/Graduation Project : YES
Internship : NO
Activities in English: YES
Activities in other languages : NO
Activities on other sites : NO


Sound financial management has always been essential to business success. The importance of this factor has further increased in recent years due to the increasing complexity and internationalisation of markets. Volatility in currency and capital markets, the search for cheap sources of capital, changes in regulations and tax laws affecting the financial world are some examples of this complexity.

Innovations related to financial products accompanied these changes. These financial products, which were hedging instruments, quickly became instruments used to take positions on stock market trends. The assessment of the value of these assets, and the risk associated with them, has become crucial to the survival of many players on the financial markets.

These developments have often found their origins in academic research. They have also generated a need for training, both for individuals wishing to pursue a career in finance, and for executives already working in the world of finance: bankers, insurers, consultants and finance managers in industrial firms.

This is why, since 1995, Saint-Louis - Bruxelles has offered a post-graduate programme in finance, focused on the study of financial risk management. In order to ensure that this programme is not simply an academic exercise detached from practical realities, several banks are associated with this advanced master's degree. The programme is therefore practical and applied, while retaining the intellectual rigour and curiosity characteristic of university studies.

Your profile

This programme is aimed at a variety of profiles:

  • financial sector experts who wish to update their knowledge
  • recent graduates in economics, management or actuarial science who wish to complement their studies with specialised, practical instruction
  • professionals from all sectors who are redirecting their careers or are undergoing internal mobility
Our students are mainly economists, managers or actuaries working as:
  • financial consultants or auditors
  • financial experts in public organisations (Central Bank, treasury administration, etc.)
  • wealth or financial asset managers

Your future job

After completing an advanced master's degree in financial risk management, our graduates have a wide range of career opportunities:

  • in trading, banking, foreign exchange, insurance or the corporate sector
  • in a bank's corporate finance department
  • in account management
  • in risk management (asset liability management, ALM)
  • in finance and audit consulting
  • in the finance departments of public institutions (such as central banks, national treasuries, etc.).
Your programme

This advanced master's degree will provide you with:

  • rigorous training in financial risk management, which is one of the key functions of companies and financial institutions
  • presentations by professors and experts from the financial world
  • small groups for interactive teaching
  • a degree programme recognised for over 25 years
  • an evening programme in Brussels which allows you to study and work at the same time.