At Bruxelles Saint-Louis
180 credits - 3 years
Day schedule - In French
Programme acronym: SPOB1BA
Francophone Certification Framework : 6
Dissertation/Graduation Project : NO
Internship : NO
Activities in English: optional
Activities in other languages : optional
Activities on other sites : NO


Are you interested in the world around you and the way in which political power is exercised at national, European and international level?

The bachelor's degree in political science at the Saint-Louis - Bruxelles campus offers you an undergraduate education which teaches you to understand the mechanisms of power which govern today's world:

  • How are decisions made, and at which levels of power?
  • Who actually influences decisions and in whose interest?
  • What are the main systems of political power both historically and throughout the world?
  • How can we explain their emergence, evolution, successes and difficulties?
  • What are the main contemporary issues at national, European and global level? Who do they oppose? What are the power relationships involved? What are the possible outcomes?

These are just some of the questions which political science provides answers to through various specialised areas: political parties and interest groups, electoral studies, international relations, political regimes, etc.

But power does not operate in isolation. Courses in sociology, history, law, economics and philosophy shed light on human relations in general, as well as on how they function and evolve. Finally, in order to decipher a political issue, it is necessary to master the tools for gathering and analysing the data required for a scientific understanding of human phenomena: documentary research, field observations, interviews, opinion polls, statistical analyses, etc.

Your profile

Would you like to understand the issues and political and social transformations in contemporary societies? Would you like to play an active role at local, national, European and international level?

An open mind, an interest in foreign languages, intellectual curiosity and constant attention to current events are basic prerequisites for future students.

Your future job

The bachelor's degree in political science gives access to a variety of master's programs in Belgium and abroad. A master's degree in political science opens up a wide range of career opportunities.

Political scientists work in all positions related to government action:

  • its implementation: government administration, international organisations, the European Commission, regional public bodies, etc;
  • its elaboration: participation in an elected assembly, parliamentary or ministerial assistance, consulting firm;
  • its influence: lobbying, campaigning in an NGO, attaché for a political party, a trade union, an industry association, etc;
  • its analysis: journalism, consultancy, polling, research, analysis in a research department;
  • its teaching: continuing education or social advancement organisations, upper secondary education, higher education or university.
Your programme

The bachelor's degree in political science is a first-cycle programme (a 'transition' bachelor's degree), consisting of 180 credits spread over three years (60 credits per year).

The programme is divided into two parts: one general, the other of a political science nature.

The general part of the programme aims to provide a background in the humanities and social sciences. This knowledge is acquired through introductory courses in the main disciplines of the humanities and social sciences (philosophy, history, economics, law, sociology and psychology), and through course units and seminars designed to teach different analytical methods in the humanities and social sciences.

The political science part of the programme is structured around both general (political science: founding texts) and specialised (comparative politics, political parties and interest groups, EU politics, analysis of public action, analysis of international relations, etc.) political science course units.

Bachelor's degree students also receive high-quality language instruction, as they are required to take English and Dutch course units in the first and second years, and to choose one of the two languages in the third year. During the third year, a political science course must be taken in English or Dutch.

Furthermore, during the second term of the third year, students may take part in an Erasmus exchange at a university in Europe, Asia, North America or South America, whose programmes are taught in a language other than French.

Another option is for students who pass the June exam session to apply for a summer language study grant in Flanders or abroad.

The Saint-Louis - Bruxelles campus also offers a bilingual (French-English) or trilingual (French-English-Dutch) bachelor's degree programme in political science.

Pursuing a dual bachelor's degree

Our dual bachelor's degrees are one of the special features of UCLouvain Saint-Louis - Bruxelles. They allow students to take a second bachelor's degree, in tandem with their main bachelor's degree.

The second programme must comprise a minimum of 60 credits and a maximum of 105 additional credits. It can be spread over several years or completed after the main bachelor's programme.

The dual bachelor's degree has the same value as the main bachelor's degree and provides immediate access to the corresponding master's degree.

Dual bachelor's degree programmes available for political science students:

For further information, please contact the faculty administration: