Possible trainings at the end of the programme

Positioning of the programme within the University cursus 
The principal aim of the programme ("major") is to prepare the student for the ensuing master's programme, by progressively building up the knowledge and skills required. 
The bachelor's degree will guarantee unconditional access, without any complementary courses, to the master's programme associated to the major chosen for the third year : Psychology, Education Science or Speech Therapy. This also entails automatic access to the master's programme of Family Sciences and Sexuality. 
The options, the supplementary courses and/or the minor will enable the students to enrich his personal training either in their main subject or in other domains of knowledge. 
Other studies available upon completion of the programme 
Students who chose the supplementary courses in the main discipline, will have access to the corresponding master, with a complement of only 15 credits, to be added to the master's programme. 
The bachelor's degree in Psychology and Education Sciences also grants direct access to the master's of Criminology.