Working @ UCL

Bruxelles Saint-Gilles, Bruxelles Woluwe, Charleroi, Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons, Namur, Tournai

A multicultural, multilingual university renowned in Belgium and Europe and open to the world, UCL is a leading employer in Brabant wallon Province and a major player in the Brussels Capital Region.

At its seven sites, some 6,000 collaborators in faculties, research institutes and general service departments contribute to the university’s three missions: teaching, research and serving society. Each year, UCL recruits some 300 individuals of diverse backgrounds:

  • Faculty: 14 faculties, 22 doctoral schools and an ever-expanding lifelong learning programme for individuals and businesses offer courses.
  • Research and teaching staff: UCL prides itself as a ‘research university’ thanks to its 22 research institutes, 25 technology platforms and 62 spin-offs. Across the university’s three ‘sectors’ (social sciences and humanities, science and technology, health sciences), research, both fundamental and applied, is rigorously conducted and interdisciplinarity is encouraged, especially via the ‘Louvain4’ interdisciplinary initiative. UCL research teams reach out internationally and collaborate with numerous actors and institutions both in Belgium and abroad, which facilitates researcher mobility.
  • Administrative and technical staff: UCL has ten libraries, while eight administrations and departments attend to finance, student affairs, communication and external relations, research, human resources management, information technology, and course administrative management.

In 2016, UCL has:

      • 1,900 educators and 3,000 researchers
      • 1,900 administrative and technical staff
      • 30,000 students, 20% from abroad
      • 2,000 doctoral students, 45% from abroad

A work environment that puts people first

      • A career management policy that aims to recognise individual work and skill in the service of the university.
      • A range of training courses that impart professional growth and new skills to UCL staff.
      • Sport for all: through the Sport Association for University Staff, UCL offers to all its staff access to a range of sport activities throughout the year. Training, team sports, competitions, weekly courses and stand-alone activities—there’s something for everyone and for any schedule.

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