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Mining Patterns in Data
Prof. Siegfried Nijssen argues that many problems concerning the analysis of data can be seen as constraint-based data mining problems and discusses the efficient algorithms that he developed to solve these problems.

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13th International Conference on Reachability Problems

The Applied Mathematics Department at UCLouvain (ICTEAM/INMA) and the Computer Science Department at ULB jointly organize the 13th International...
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Success story

SleepRunner microcontroller runs when other sleep

Last week at the IEEE ISSCC conference (#1 in electronic circuits and systems), ECS group from UCLouvain demonstrated their SleepRunner...
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Two ICTEAM startups are 2019 Big Squeeze Awards Nominees !

We are very proud to announce that two ICTEAM startups are nominated for the 2019 Big Squeeze Awards in two different categories ! Disruptive...
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