In 2016, Sylviane Granger and Marie-Aude Lefer launched the Multilingual Student Translation (MUST) project, an international project which aims to collect a large multilingual student translation corpus with rich, standardized metadata that combines insights from both Learner Corpus Research and Corpus-Based Translation Studies. More than forty research teams have joined MUST since its creation. The full list of MUST partners can be found here .

The MUST corpus, which is currently only made available to the MUST community, covers a wide range of language pairs and currently amounts to c. 2 million tokens. It is searchable via a web-based interface, called Hypal4MUST, a tailor-made version of the Hybrid Parallel Text Aligner (Hypal) software tool developed by Adam Obrusnik. A standardized translation-oriented annotation system called TAS has been designed within the framework of the project and integrated into Hypal4MUST.

A detailed description of the MUST corpus can be found in the following article:

Granger, S. & Lefer, M.-A. (2020). The Multilingual Student Translation corpus: a resource for translation teaching and research. Language Resources and Evaluation, 54: 1183-1199.


The Louvain MUST team:

Project directors: Sylviane Granger and Marie-Aude Lefer
Team members: Romane Bodart, Maïté Dupont, Gaëtanelle Gilquin, Magali Paquot, Laura Penha-Marion and Thomas Prinzie