Teaching and Acquiring Multilingualism and Multiliteracies

This research group – launched in December 2019 - has gathered around the themes of the teaching, learning and acquisition of multilingualism and multiliteracies.

We wish to promote a multidisciplinary approach and support the necessary plurality of research methods that need to be implemented to be able to answer the research questions arising in the various contexts of acquisition and teaching of multilingualism and multiliteracies, be it in formal or informal learning. Our group aims to strengthen the links between the various research domains represented (pedagogy, language acquisition, communication, literacies, psychology, linguistics, etc.)

Our group also brings together various actors from the world of research and education. We pay close attention to the social implications of the research conducted (research that includes - but also transcends - fundamental research). Part of our work thus aims to promote the mutual enrichment between research and teaching practices (teacher/researcher collaboration).

The collaborative and ecological approach (situated practice) is one of the driving forces behind our work, both locally and internationally. Our global vision of the issues that concern us, as well as the diverse and complementary expertise of our members, are put at the service of the needs of the target populations of our research (multilingual learners of all ages, levels and from various learning contexts).

We have three types of members in the group: internal UCLouvain members, national and international external members. The list of our members can be consulted here.

The group's current spokespersons are Professors Fanny Meunier and Ferran Suner Munoz.

If you would like to join us or be kept informed of our activities, please send us a message to the following address: TeAMM@uclouvain.be