Louvain Finance

LFIN, Louvain Finance, is a research center of the Université catholique de Louvain, located in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium). It has been founded in 2016 and it now houses about 11 professors, and 15 researchers.

Louvain Finance (LFIN) promotes and contributes to academic research in Finance via its research projects and the organization of top-level PhD courses, conferences and other public research activities. The Center’s main area of expertise are related to most of the areas of finance, including Asset Pricing, International Finance, Asset and Risk Management, Mathematical Finance, Macro-Finance, Market Microstructure, Corporate Finance and Behavioral Finance.

The center is leading several innovative projects, such as the first Bloomberg learning center in Belgium and it is supported in its activities by leading private institutions such as TreeTop Asset Management and Candriam. 

Together with CORE, IRES, ISBA, LFIN, and SMCS, LFIN is part of the Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Quantitative Modelling and Analysis (IMMAQ) where researchers develop and use a coherent set of tools and methods for quantitative modelling and analysis in their various fields of expertise.

Upcoming Events

Finance Seminar

Gradojevic Nikola, University of Guelph

Brexit and foreign exchange market expectations: Could it have been predicted? Gradojevic Nikola, University of Guelph In order to gauge foreign exchange market expectations prior to and...
Finance Seminar

Anh Le, Penn State

Tractabel Term-Structure Models and the Zero Lower Bound Anh Le, Penn State We greatly expand the space of tractable term-structure models. Key to our approach is a direct specification of...
Finance Seminar

Bengt Holmström (Nobel Laureate)

TBA Bengt Holmström (Nobel Laureate)