Geometry, Physics and Probability

The research center in Geometry, Physics and Probability (GPP) regroups researchers active in various areas of mathematics and mathematical physics which do not belong to the traditional subdomains of pure mathematics.

The research group in Geometry and mathematical physics  studies non-commutative geometry, mathematical physics, the theory of symmetric spaces and harmonic analysis.

In Integrable systems and random matrices, the group works on problems in random matrix theory and integrable systems. These areas are related to complex analysis, mathematical physics and probability.

The research in Statistical models and conformal theories covers conformal field theory and exactly solvable models in statistical mechanics.

In the context of the programme Excellence of Science, the center receives funding for the project PRIMA — Partners in Research on Integrable models and Applications. This is a joint program with researchers from the Universiteit Gent, from KU Leuven and from Université catholique de Louvain.

In the past, it has coordinated the InterUniversity Attraction Poles DYGEST "Dynamics, Geometry and Statistical Physics" and NOSY "Nonlinear systems, stochastic processes and statistical mechanics" financed by the Belgian Science Policy, and it has also benefited from an ERC Starting Grant CRaMIS "Critical phenomena in Random Matrix Theory and Integrable Systems".


Archives of seminars up to 2016.