Centre De Wulf-Mansion

CDWM Louvain-La-Neuve

The Centre De Wulf-Mansion promotes research in ancient and medieval philosophy in a diachronic and cross-cultural perspective. It sponsors research projects, organizes lectures and conferences, and promotes the edition, translation, and study of philosophical texts (mainly in Greek, Latin, and Arabic). The Centre works in collaboration with the De Wulf- Mansion Centre at the Hoger Instituut voor Wijsbegeerte (KULeuven) to create a pole of excellence for research on ancient, medieval, and Arabo-Islamic philosophy.

Resources. The Centre maintains a specialized library, now a part of the Bibliothèque de philosophie. Its rich collection of microfilms of manuscripts of medieval philosophical texts is currently in the process of being re-catalogued in an online database. In the mean time, the filmothèque is accessible on request.

Publications. Two collections are published under the Center's aegis: Aristote. Traductions et Études and Philosophes médiévaux.

Taught courses and seminars. Members of the Centre De Wulf–Mansion are responsible for courses and seminars at BA, MA and PhD-level in ancient, medieval, and arabo-Islamic philosophy. Themes and authors in advanced seminars change every year.


Want to join?

The activities of the Centre are open to all. The Centre warmly welcomes graduate and post–graduate students, as well as visiting scholars. Contact us for details.