Centre Charles De Visscher pour le droit international et européen


The Charles De Visscher Center for International and European Law (CeDIE) carries out research activities in international issues, and in particular in public international law, private international law, European law and human rights.

The Center of International Law was created in 1963 and became the Charles De Visscher Center in 1973. Its title honors Professor Charles De Visscher (1884-1973), who has marked public international law after the war. He was, among others, President of the Institute of International Law, Judge at the International Court of Justice, and Minister.

From the start, the Center has seen international law as a broad concept, covering both public international law and private international law.

Since the emergence of European law, the Charles De Visscher Center has been the managing body for various fundamental teachings and research in European law.

Since 2006, this work has been supported by the creation of a Chair of European Law.

Professor Pierre d'Argent was elected President of the CeDIE in September 2020.


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