Learning French

ESPO Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

You can consult the list of French classes (short videos to explain the levels from beginner level A1 to advanced level C2) offered here at UCLouvain by going on the Institut des Langues Vivantes (ILV) website.

The teachers there are highly experienced and will help you reach a level of French, which will make you appreciate you exchange experience even more.


  • The classes start in the first week of the semester already.
  • In order to be confirmed in the course of your choice, you will need to sit a test to determine whether it does indeed suit your level.
  • From Week 1, you should attend the course you think suits your level best even if you haven’t sat the assessment test yet.
  • Please note that you need to commit to the classes as 40% of your final grade will be based on continued assessment in class and participation.

All the information related to:

  • the conditions to access those courses,
    • if part of your learning agreement - no fees
    • if NOT part of your learning agreement - fee-paying
  • the admission process and
  • the forms you need to complete

can be found HERE.