Free Student Enrolment

 Enrolment begins July 1st, 2021

  1. Attend the INFORMATION Session about the language course you would like to take. While your attendance is optional, it is highly recommended !

  2. Complete and submit your enrolment REQUEST as a Free StudentONLINE ENROLMENT AUTHORISATION FORM HERE

  3. The ILV Secretary will send you authorisation via email. Please forward this email to the UCLouvain Enrollment Office ('SIC') where you will be officially enroled as a Free Student for language courses at the ILV.

  4. Pay the enrolment fees to SIC

  5. As soon as your class·es begin, complete the Personal Data Form
  6. After your official enrolment in the course
    • Enrol in the appropriate course group on Moodle UCLouvain (UCLouvain’s online teaching and learning platform)
    • Activate your Virtual Office ('Bureau virtuel')
  7. In order to obtain a certificate or advance to a higher level, you
    • must be officially enroled in the course so that you can enrol to take the exam
    • must take the exam (note: the French placement test at the beginning of the term is not sufficient for advancement to the next level !)
    • pass your class·es with a minimum of 10/20 (1 certificate only for the last level acquired).


♦ From 3 to 10 credits = 139,20 €

♦ 11 credits or more = 139,20 € + 90,00 € per class

► up to 30 ECTS
for official UCLouvain Students (students enroled in an academic programme)

► up to 20 ECTS
for unofficial Students (students not enroled in an academic programme)

Click on the links below for information about available classes... NOT available
  • Dutch,
  • English, 
  • Sign Language,
  • Spanish