PLIN Linguistic Day 2016



 The PLIN DAY 2016 Workshop



The Linguistics Research Unit of the Institute of Language and Communication will be hosting a workshop on ‘Language and the new (instant) media’ on Thursday 12 May, 2016.

Convenors: Louise-Amélie Cougnon (Girsef - Cental), Barbara De Cock (Valibel – Discours et variation) and Cédrick Fairon (Cental)

The main objective of the workshop is to bring together specialists from a number of different but related fields to discuss the specificities of language in the new media, paying special attention to how their respective linguistic research fields deal with this topic.

The event will be structured around keynote presentations. Poster sessions, which will include time for a short oral presentation of each poster, offer a forum for numerous other research trends. Participation is free of charge for UCL members but registration is required.


Access the event external website here:

PLIN DAY 2016 Website


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