Doctoral Students' Day of the Doctoral School of Public Health Society

Bruxelles Woluwe

All ECHIL team members attended the “Doctoral Students' Day of the Doctoral School of Public Health Society” taking place in Liège the 15th of December 2022.

This day, supported by the FNRS, offered PhD students from UCLouvain, ULB and ULiège the opportunity to present your doctoral research and also to exchange with other doctoral students, researchers and experts in the field of Public Health Sciences.
The opening lecture was given by Prof. Florence Caeymaex (ULiège) and Prof Alain Loute (UCLouvain) on the topic of social accountability of scientific knowledge and other forms of knowledge in health and healthcare. Their joint presentation was a challenging opportunity to reflect on several contradictions we all experienced during the first waves of the COVID pandemic, with a particular focus on the social legitimisation needed by policy makers to enforce any public health policy, as well as the key role played by scientific communication and the risks of overlooking the “infodemic” (epidemic of information) during the political and economic crisis associated to COVID pandemic.

Both Luigi and Alexia presented their work during the doctoral day and Alexia was awarded the “best presentation” prize in her session. Bravo Alexia!