Conference | The implementation of the Digital Services Act : responsibilities, new due diligence obligations and enforcement issues (3.05.23)

03 mai 2023

12.45 - 18.00


Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles - Salle des Examens

The implementation of the Digital Services Act :
responsibilities, new due diligence obligations and enforcement issues


3 May 2023

Université Saint-Louis, Bruxelles
Salle des Examens
Boulevard du Jardin Botanique, 43

Organised by Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles 



Adopted on 19 October 2022, the Digital Services Act (DSA) will fully apply from 17 February 2024. The regulation carries over with some amendments to the so-called safe harbours provisions of the 2000 e-Commerce directive, but the DSA mainly creates an extensive catalog of due diligence obligations for the online platforms, in particular for the very large online platforms and search engines. The DSA also requires Member States to adopt several implementing measures, for instance for the new supervision mechanism involving Digital Services Coordinators. The European Commission will also have to devote quite a lot of resources to cope with the huge tasks of overseeing the very large players.

The new obligations imposed on digital platforms as well as their enforcement raise a lot of new issues. The workshop aims at discussing those issues.


12.45 Registration

13.10 Welcome by Vice-Dean USL-B Jogchum Vrielink

13.15 Setting the scene: scope of the DSA – Prof. Alain Strowel (UCLouvain and USL-B) and Dr. Enguerrand Marique (UCLouvain and Radboud U)

Session 1: Liabilities and content moderation after the DSA
Chair: Enguerrand Marique

13.45 Illegal content : the case of hate speech – Prof. Vanessa Franssen (ULiège) and Marine Corhay (ULiège)

14.00 Illegal content: the case of intellectual property infringements – Prof. Sari Depreeuw (USL-B and Crowell)

14.15 Undesirable content: the case of disinformation – Jean De Meyere / Dr. Luc Desaunettes (UCLouvain)

14.30 Q&A

14.50 : Coffee Break

Session 2: Implementation of the DSA obligations by the platforms
Chair: Alexandre de Streel

15.20 Designing interfaces and dark patterns – Charles-Albert Helleputte (USL-B & Squire)

15.35 Risk assessments, risk mitigation measures and the role of auditors – Michèle Ledger (Cullen International)

15.50 Q&A

Session 3: Supervision of platforms
Chair: Alain Strowel

16.10 Perspectives on the implementation of the DSA in Belgium – Elise Couplet (SPF Economie)

16.25 How can the DSA better protect consumers online – Maryant Fernandez (Senior Digital Policy Officer, BEUC)

16.40 The European Centre for Algorithmic Transparency and its role in DSA enforcement – Josep Soler Garrido (Investigation leads ECAT).- Online presentation 

16.50 Keynote intervention: View from the Commission on the enforcement challenges – Rita Wezenbeek (Director, DG CNECT)

17.20 Q&A

17.40 Conclusions

18.00 : End of the conference – Drinks & Networking




In collaboration with CRIDES (UCLouvain) and Radboud Universiteit

In the framework of the REMEDIS research project (REgulatory and other Solutions to MitigatE online DISinfomation) (PDR - FNRS - BE), 
the research projects PROSEco (Platform Regulation and Operations in the Sharing Economy) (ARC) and
the Digital Legal Studies sector plan (NL)