Workshop | Unified Patent Court (27/5/21)

27 mai 2021

9 - 17 ECT

Unified Patent Court | ONLINE WORKSHOP
Thursday, 27th of May / 9.00-17.00

Organised by the CRIDES (UCLouvain), in collaboration with the "Association Internationale de Droit Economique" (A.I.D.E.).
Scientific Committee: Vincent Cassiers, Luc Desaunettes, Fernand de Visscher and Alain Strowel, UCLouvain

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I.  Historical background
(mod.: A. Strowel, Professor, UCLouvain and University Saint-Louis Brussels)

  1. A global historical perspective (10/15 min)
    A. Plomer, Professor, University of Bristol
  2.  Topical remarks

    The refusal of Poland to join the Agreement (5 min)
    R. Sikorski, Professor, Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań

    The consequences of the Brexit (5 min)
    L. Manderieux, Professor, Bocconi University

    Insights from Germany : The complaints pending before the Constitutional Court and the issue of Automatic injunctions (10 min)
    H. Goddar, Honorary Professor, University of Bremen

    How to reintegrate Spain on board? (5 min)
    M. Desantes, Professor, University of Alicante

  3. Discussion (30 min)




II. Issues with the proposed system
(mod.: V. Cassiers, Professor, UCLouvain) 


1.     Economic issues 

  • A general overview of the economic issues (10/15 min)
    D. Xenos, Lecturer, University of Suffolk

  • The absence of credible economic analysis (5 min)
    M. Snodin, Qualified UK and European patent attorney, Nottingham


2.    Legal issues 

  • A general reminder of the legal (and other) concerns (10/15 min)
    F. de Visscher, Attorney Brussels bar, Visiting lecturer, UCLouvain  

  • Incorporating material patent law in the UPCA only - or in an EU law ? (5 min)
    N. Binctin, Professor, Université de Poitiers


3.    Discussion (30 min)


Lunch Break



III. Institutional alternatives
(mod.: L. Desaunettes-Barbero, postdoctoral researcher, UCLouvain)  


1.     Proposals of alternatives

  • An improved EU trademark system? (20 min) 
    F. de Visscher, Attorney, Brussels bar, Visiting lecturer, UCLouvain

    Respondent (10 min)
    A. Kur, Professor/Affiliated Fellow, MPI for Innovation and Competition Munich

  • A Benelux-Plus-model? (20 min)
    T. Jaeger, Professor, University of Vienna

    Respondent (10 min)
    V. Cassiers, Professor, UCLouvain


2.     Discussion (30 min)




IV. Substantive patent issues
(mod.: A. Strowel, Professor, UCLouvain and University Saint-Louis Brussels)


In this session, the discussion will be opened after each presentation

  1. Patents’ scope: Research and Bolar exemptions (10 min pres. + 5 min disc.) 
    O. Mignolet, Attorney, Brussels bar

  2. Automatic injunctions, possible alternatives measures and bifurcation (2 X 10 min pres. + 5 min disc.) 
    A. Leonard, Early Career Fellow, University of Edinburgh
    M. Husovec Assistant Professor, London School of Economics and Political Science

  3. Compulsory licenses (substantive aspects) (10 min pres. + 5 min disc.) 
    A. Wernick, Affiliated researcher, University of Helsinki


General discussion


Next steps (i.a. organisation of the 28th of October conference)


End of the workshop


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  • The Workshop will be held on ZOOM
  • The weblink and the practical information will be sent by email to the participants before the Workshop 
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