Dr. Daniela Perrotti, founder and director
Prof Landscape and Member Board of Directors Louvain research Institute of Landscape, Architecture, Built Environment  

Research associates and postdoctoral researchers 
(Funding: F.R.S.-FNRS ; Institute for Research and Innovation Innoviris/Brussels Capital Region)

Dr. Marlène Boura 
Towards an animal-inclusive design in the Brussels Capital Region. A cartographic and design exploration into non-human agency

Dr. Yasmina Choueiri
Informal Resource Systems and Governance

Dr. Sareh Moosavi
How prepared are Belgian Landscape Architects to act on Climate Change Mitigation through Metabolic and Lifecycle Thinking ? 

Dr. Anastasia Papangelou
The Agency-Information-Spacetime nexus: conceptual meta-framework and integrated model decision system for a unified approach to the study of the metabolism of urban social-ecological systems

Dr. Kai Whiting
A social metabolism framework for the integration of energy, material and ecosystem services

PhD researchers 
(Funding: F.R.S.-FNRS and UK Engineering and Physical Science Research Council EPSRC)

Ursula-Crisy Cardenas-Mamani 
Urban Metabolism for advanced Nature-based Solutions: an integrated framework to support the development of a shared knowledge base and combined dynamic modelling approaches (UMaNS)

Daniel Otero Peña 
Infrastructure, Topography and Landscape: Designing landscape infrastructure strategies through the spatialization of urban metabolism flows

Giulia Scialpi 
Urban mining from food and soil waste: impact assessment and policy support for the Belgian construction industry

Christina Bristow
Co-supervision University of Reading, School of the Built Environment, UK. 
A taxonomy of cities: Classifying urban metabolism typologies towards understanding infrastructural dynamics

Research assistants 
(Funding: Flemish Region, Department Omgeving/Environment, programme Proeftuinen ontharding)

Andrea Aragone 
Groen met Grijs/Green With Grey: Ecological benefits from the desealing of industrial plateforms in Flanders

Visiting postdoc researchers 

Dr. Chiara PalermoUniversity of Strasbourg
Approches contemporaines de la création et de la réflexion artistiques Research Unit, France. 
Landscape and temporalities

Dr. Pramit VermaNicolaus Copernicus University/Interacting - minds, societies, environment Research center, Poland
Empirical insights into urban ecosystem services and circular economy

Visiting PhD researchers

Ruichang Mao - University of Southern Denmark/SDU Life Cycle Engineering
Urban Metabolism: A material stock- and flow-based analysis on future resource demand and environmental impacts of Chinese cities. 
(Funding: EU Horizon 2020 COST Action “Mining the European Anthroposphere” (MINEA) Short-Term Scientific Missions)

Mazia Chaker-Aissi - Algiers Polytechnic School of Architecture and Urbanism/Ville Urbanisme et Développement Durable Research Lab
Analyzing the performance of Urban Symbiosis strategies at the local level in Algiers: potential for optimizing energy demand and CO2 emission abatement 
(Funding: Algeria Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research)


PhD Advisory Committees 

Roberta Pistoni - Ecole Nationale Supérieure du Paysage de Versailles, France, and Wageningen University, the Netherlands
Application of urban metabolism theory in the planning and design of cities: New sustainable energy landscapes. Roberta Pistoni

Behzad Bamdad MehrabaniUCLouvain/LAB
Evaluation of the resilience of a road network in the light of new technologies in the field of mobility
Augustin HautecoeurUCLouvain/LAB
The role of the food system in the re-territorialisation process: catalysing new approaches to governance and resource specialization