At Bruxelles Saint-Louis
180 credits - 3 years
Day schedule - In French
Programme acronym: ROMB1BA
Francophone Certification Framework : 6
Dissertation/Graduation Project : NO
Internship : NO
Activities in English: NO
Activities in other languages : YES
Activities on other sites : YES


Undertaking studies in French and Romance languages and literature means making an important choice for the society of tomorrow: those who master their language, literature and culture because they are able to decode all types of rhetoric and construct convincing arguments, have the keys to understanding the issues at stake in our contemporary civilisation and to intervening in the public sphere or in the media. The future is built not only by those who master innovative technologies, but also by those who oppose preconceived or dangerously simplistic ideas and propose a more enlightened and humanistic vision of the world.

Your profile

You love to read and you love literary works of all kinds, including those written before our century. You would like to have a better idea of the processes, understand their mechanisms, analyse them and interpret them. You are curious about understanding your language, its mechanisms, its variations and its development throughout history, and you would like to acquire a high level of proficiency in it.
You would like to learn (at least) one other Romance language (Spanish or Italian), and possibly go on a study trip to Spain or Italy (or a French-speaking country). The Romance languages and literature programme is for you!

Your future job

Studies in Romance languages and literature can lead to careers in teaching and research. But many other fields are open to you thanks to your linguistic knowledge, analytical skills and rigour.

  • Teaching French (upper secondary and higher education), teaching French abroad; teaching Spanish or Italian
  • Academic research
  • Information and communications sector: journalism, literary criticism, communications training, advertising
  • Cultural institutions: museums, theatres, cultural centres
  • Books and publishing: collection management, choice of publications, proofreading, relations with authors
  • Books and publishing: bookshops, libraries, documentation centres
  • Public administration (level 1)
  • Private sector: human resources management, communications consultants
  • Humanitarian sector
  • Literary translation


Your programme

The bachelor's degree in Romance languages and literature offers you:

  • an education in both literature and linguistics, in French. In both cases, the programme offers a historical approach (history of literature, historical French linguistics, etc.) and a synchronic approach (text analysis, literary theory, grammar, sociolinguistics, etc.)
  • a solid general education in the humanities: philosophy, history, historical criticism, art history, European literature and language sciences, also providing you with an understanding of academic methods
  • the study of Spanish and/or Italian language and literature
  • an important practical dimension (command of the writing process)
  • the possibility, after your bachelor's degree, to continue your studies with a master's degree in French and Romance languages and literature. Other options are also available to you if you are reorienting your studies, with a few courses to take in order to catch up if necessary.

Pursuing a dual bachelor's degree

Our dual bachelor's degrees are one of the special features of UCLouvain Saint-Louis - Bruxelles.

Students can take a second bachelor's degree, in tandem with their main bachelor's degree. This means that they complete their main programme with a minimum of 60 and a maximum of 125 additional credits spread over several years. The additional bachelor's degree can be completed after the main bachelor's degree. A series of courses taken as part of the main programme count towards the additional bachelor's degree and are therefore no longer subject to assessment. The additional bachelor's degree has the same value as the main bachelor's degree and provides immediate access to the corresponding master's degree.

The following additional bachelor's degrees are available: