Calendar for CORE

Econometrics and Finance Seminar

Econometrics and Finance seminar: Agostino Capponi

Joint with Louvain Finance Seminar Bails-Ins and Bail-Outs: Incentives, Connectivity, and Systemic Stability Agostino Capponi, Columbia University We develop a framework for analyzing how banks can be incentivized to make contributions to a voluntary bail-in and ascertaining the kinds...
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Operations Research Seminar

Operations Research Seminar: Timothy Duglas Mount

The Role of Distributed Storage in Electricity Markets in the USA: Research versus Practice Timothy Douglas Mount, Cornell University This presentation will describe analyses using a stochastic form of multi-period Security Constrained Optimal Power Flow (the MATPOWER Optimal Scheduling...
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Brown Bag Seminar

Brown Bag Seminar: Anwesha Banerjee

Risk, heterogenous returns and cooperation: an experimental inquiry Anwesha Banerjee, AMSE Individuals often benefit differently from cooperation. Using data from a laboratory experiment, I study contributions when subjects in a group differ in the benefit they get from a public...
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Operation Research Seminar

Operations Research Seminar: Erling Andersen

Joint INMA/CORE seminar A primal-dual interior-point algorithm for non symmetric conic optimization Erling Andersen, MOSEK  
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UCLouvain Economics Seminar

James Fenske, Warwick University

TBA James Fenske, Warwick University
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