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Flore écologique de Belgique ( new edition)

New edition Flore écologique de Belgique (reviewed and corrected) by Anne-Laure Jacquemart and Charlotte Descamps
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Bioinformatics research logistician

We are pleased to announce the arrival at UCLouvain of Dr Gipsi Lima Mendez as a bioinformatics research logistician as of October 1st. Dr. Lima Mendez obtained a PhD in Science (Bioinformatics) from ULB in 2008 and completed three postdoctoral fellowships (ULB, 2008-2010; VUB, 2010-2014; KUL,...
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Mission: satellite data training for ESA

This week, from 16 to 20 September in Louvain-la-Neuve, nearly 100 carefully selected researchers participate in the ‘Advanced Training in Land Remote Sensing’, a training in the exploitation of satellite data acquired by remote sensing. Commissioned by the European Space Agency (ESA),...
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The WeThaw team is returning to Alaska at maximum...

Three members of the WeThaw team (Catherine Hirst, Elisabeth Mauclet and Arthur Monhonval) and one student (Simon Malvaux) left for Alaska on August 15th. They will spend three weeks on the field to sample the permafrost. This location is particularly sensitive to permafrost degradation upon...
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Waksman Award 2019 to Spiros Agathos

Spiros N. Agathos is the Rector (President) of Yachay Tech, the first research-intensive university in Ecuador, where he served as Inaugural Dean of Biology and Engineering (2015-2019). He obtained a Dipl.Eng. (National Technical University, Athens) and M.Eng. (McGill) in Chemical Engineering,...
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