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Zimin LI has got the FNRS research mandate "Chargé de...

Zimin LI has got the FNRS research mandate "Chargé de recherche" (3 years). Congratulations to Zimin
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Appui à l’initiative de la Grand muraille verte pour...

Nouveau projet : Coopération Wallonie-Bruxelles / Burkina Faso- Projet 1.2 ‘’Appui à l’initiative de la Grand muraille verte pour le Sahara et le Sahel’’. – Ch. Farcy – Q. Ponette – 01/03/2019 – 28/02/2020
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What will become of our insects and flowers?

The climate changes we are experiencing today are already impacting the natural world around us. The average temperature is increasing, temperature and rainfall extremes are increasing, summer droughts are becoming commonplace. What influences will these climatic phenomena have on the...
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Permafrost minerals predict our planet’s future

t was just a year ago that Sophie Opfergelt and her UCLouvain Earth and Life Institute team were taking permafrost samples in Alaska. Today, she is already drawing conclusions from analysing them but is not yet sure about the impact of melting Arctic permafrost on our planet’s future....
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Médaille Van den Broeck pour trois géologues en ELIe

L'association scientifique des géologues de Belgique, dénommée Geologica Belgica, a décidé d'honorer les géologues cartographes ayant œuvré dans le cadre du PROGRAMME DE RÉVISION DE LA CARTE GÉOLOGIQUE DE WALLONIE (CONVENTION DE RECHERCHES COLLECTIVES D'INTÉRÊT GÉNÉRAL RELATIVE AUX...
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