Knowledge mediation research group


The Research Group on Knowledge Mediation is a team of academics and researchers at UCLouvain’s Communication Research Centre whose field of interest is knowledge communication.

Currently the relationship between media and knowledge is attracting more attention from communication researchers on account of, first, a greater awareness of the predominant role of the media in forming public knowledge and, second, the appearance on the market of new “intelligence” technologies. The important role of the media raises in a more acute form questions whose content is old, but which can be reformulated in an original way if one approaches them in the light of communication theories.

  • How can knowledge (whether academic, popular, scientific, natural, structured or informal) be communicated via different types of media?
  • What is the nature of the mediation work carried out by a knowledge communicator?
  • What technological resources does such a communicator have with which to carry out the task of social knowledge sharing?
  • What are the social issues relating to the qualitative and quantitative development of the mediatisation of knowledge at present?
  • And what should we do in consequence?

With its research, GReMS aims to explore the question of social sharing of knowledge from the communication angle.

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Follow us on ResearchGate

ReDMIL 2018 doctoral summer school

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