Plateforme technologique d'imagerie biologique


Confocal microscopy

A new confocal microscope is operational since fall 2008 at the Institut des Sciences de la Vie (ISV).
Confocal microscopy allows the determination of the cellular and subcellular localization of proteins and biomolecules at high resolution, and to follow their dynamics. In addition, combined with appropriate softwares, this equipment allows to obtain quantitative data on the molecule of interest. Multicolor imaging can be performed with a large array of fluorescent protein.


Atomic force microscopy

Atomic force microscopy (AFM) has recently opened a variety of novel possibilities for imaging and manipulating cell surfaces in their native environment, thereby complementing optical imaging techniques. While AFM imaging offers a means to visualize cell surface structure at nanometer resolution and in physiological conditions, AFM force spectroscopy allows researchers to localize single cell surface receptors and to quantitatively probe cellular interactions.



Confocal microscopy


Confocal microscopy

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Confocal microscopy


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