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Statistics Seminar by John Cherian

John Cherian (Stanford University) Conformal Prediction with Conditional Guarantees Abstract : We consider the problem of constructing distribution-free prediction sets with...

Applied Statistics Workshop by John Cherian

John Cherian (Stanford University) Election Modeling in 2024: A Conformal Inference Approach Abstract : We consider a high-stakes application of statistical inference: uncertainty...

Applied Statistics Workshop by Ambroise Carton

Ambroise Carton  (RTBF  - journaliste pour Décrypte, la cellule de datajournalisme et de fact-checking de la RTBF) Enhancing Data Literacy in Journalism – What we learned with the...

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Open Position

Postdoc position in biostatistics for women’s health

    - - -  Job offer closed !  - - -     Hiring! Postdoc position in biostatistics for women’s health   Fully Funded Postdoctoral...
LIDAM in the Media

Les Belges et leur pension

Pierre Devolder (ISBA).   Pensions : six Belges sur dix estiment ne pas être suffisamment informés Le Soir - 22/01/2024   Les Belges inquiets voire méfiants, envers...
My research

Fast & Serious with Vanessa Hanna

Vanessa Hanna, PhD in Statistics at ISBA, presents her research! In a volatile financial market marked by low interest rates, high inflation, and an increase in longevity, life insurers and...