Louvain Institute of Biomolecular Science and Technology

  The Louvain Institute of Biomolecular Science and Technology brings together more than 150 research staff working in the field of biology and using molecular and cellular tools.  The general objective is to create an environment favorable to high profile research activities.  More specific aims are as follows : to promote high quality basic research in the life sciences to promote applied projects that emerge from basic research to attract young talented researchers and help them develop a successful team to favor the transfer of know-how to favor the sett About


The LIBST aims at understanding and applying biological mechanisms related to developmental, physiological and pathological processes in animals, plants and microorganisms using molecular and cellular approaches.


DNA repair during nonreductional meiosis in the asexual...

Bdelloid rotifers are tiny, but exceptional animals in two respects: they are asexual, evolving without males since more than 60 million years,...
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Meet Françoise Gofflot's Lab

Summary-Heading In 2008, Françoise Gofflot joined The Institute of Life Science, now LIBST, with a "Mandat d’impulsion Ulysse (FNRS)" to...
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Alzheimer standard grant for Melissa Page

Melissa Page (BNTE) was awarded by the the Alzheimer’s Research Foundation (Fondation Recherche Alzheimer) in support of her research on cellular...
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