Chairs are platforms which allow the organization of various academic and/or scientific activities:

  • employment of a young promising academic (Academic Chair)
  • strengthening of a research team in a specific domain (Research Chair)
  • promotion of this domain through scientific workshops and public conferences

At CORE, we currently have three research chairs:

The purpose of this grant is to support research on the management of risk in energy markets. Potential topics of research include methodical approaches to short-term scheduling (stochastic/robust/reliability constrained unit commitment), generation expansion planning, modeling risk aversion, optimal operation of combined cycle units, optimal positioning in gas forward markets, as well as optimal topology control and investment planning in transmission networks. ENGIE funds the Chair. Research is done at CORE and in ISBA (as partners within IMMAQ). Claude d'Aspremont (CORE, UCL), Francis Delannay (EPL, UCL), Pierre Devolder (ISBA, UCL) and Anthony Papavasiliou (CORE, UCL) are in charge of the implementation.

Professor Papavasiliou, as the Chair holder, is in charge of the resource management.

For more information, visit the chair website.

The chair covers research, applied research, teaching and outreach in the field dedicated to sourcing and procurement. Furthermore, the chair aims to establish an internationally visible center for researchers in the field.

Per Agrell (CORE, UCL), Constantin Blome (CORE, UCL) and Philippe Chevalier (CORE, UCL) coordinate this project sponsored by GSK Vaccines, Belgium.

For more information, visit the chair website.

It is a recognized fact that environmental issues are ever-present in business today. This concern for the environment is quite rightly interpreted as the expression of collective aspirations for better quality of life. The Chair Lhoist Berghmans, "Environmental Economics and management", forms part of this framework.