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The UCLouvain Faculty of Law and Criminology has created a brand-new, 100% remote LL.M. in International Law University Certificate program. The purpose of that program is to provide the tools to understand the rules of international law applicable in several fields and the means to put into practice the knowledge acquired in real-life situations. 


Programme benefits
  • 100% remote
  • Personalised assistance to follow up on pre-recorded courses and professor support during the “live sessions”
  • Training with global reach
  • Complete training in international law
    • covering the different branches of international law
    • focus on current events
    • focus pn personal research through the submission of a supervised research paper
  • Courses are provided by experts in the field, including practitioners
  • Individual evaluations
  • Programme offered by a highly reputable University founded in 1425


Votre profil

The LL.M. is intended for anyone who wants to specialise in the field of international law but who can’t attend classes in person on the UCLouvain university campus in Belgium.

Thanks to its flexible programme, the LL.M. specifically (although not exclusively) targets anyone who is working and can’t afford to interrupt his or her career for several months to take a courses.  

The main audience consists of people who work, or want to work, in the areas covered by the LL.M., that is, in international law, international relations or related areas and who have a background in a range of professional fields, including government departments, diplomacy, news outlets, international organizations, law firms, NGOs, etc.