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Evolution of Covid-19 in Belgium

Tracking the reproduction number R0(t) in Belgium in the period March 1st - July 20th We investigate here the evolution of the reproduction number for COVID-19 to determine the rate with which the virus spreads in Belgium. We present a day-to-day evolution of an estimator that is in...
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How can we predict the evolution of COVID 19 in Belgium ?

Modeling the evolution of the COVID-19 virus in Belgium We model here the evolution of three key health care system indicators directly affected by the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Belgium. The main goal is to understand the day-to-day evolution of these indicators with the...
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Dans la Presse

A l’heure du digital, les entreprises ont l’opportunité de collecter des données sur leurs clients, transactions ou processus industriels. Mais selon le Security Confidence index de Gemalto, près de 65% des entreprises sondées n’analysent pas les données collectées. D’autre part,...
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