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LIDAM video n°1

Video : "Quels sont les métiers pénibles ?"

  New !  ->  Quels sont les métiers pénibles ? Analysis from Prof. Jean Hindriks & Arno Baurin LIDAM production More info ? ->  
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Regards économiques n° 151

Quels sont les métiers pénibles ?

Le Prof. Jean Hindriks et Arno Baurin expliquent les difficultés inhérentes à l’objectivation de la pénibilité des métiers au travers d’une méthode directe d’évaluation des conditions de travail. Ils proposent alors une méthode indirecte qui s’appuie sur le risque accru de...
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New LIDAM Board for 2019/2020: new and old faces !

From left to right: Prof. David de la Croix (IRES Chairman), Prof. Catherine Legrand (ISBA Chairman), Prof. Fabio Mariani (LIDAM President), Prof. Frédéric Vrins (LFIN Chairman) and Prof. Mathieu Van Vyve  (CORE Chairman). They represent the LIDAM community of researchers.
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RSAI Fellow - Isabelle Thomas

Our best congratulations to Prof. Isabelle Thomas, recognised part of RSAI fellows 2019 - gathering distinguished scholars with proven and recognized research in Regional Science. More info
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New LIDAM President

Welcome back to all LIDAM members. We hope that you all had a relaxing summer and are returning to work with renewed enthusiasm.  We wish you a fruitful and fulfilling academic year. Fabio Mariani
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