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LIDAM Discussion Paper IRES series

Cover Discussion Paper

 The LIDAM Discussion Paper IRES series gathers papers from IRES members and research associates. Papers can be downloaded freely.  Our discussion papers are also available from RePEc.







Journal of Demographic Economics

Cover journal of Demographic EconomicsThe Journal of Demographic Economics (JODE) is an academic journal published by Cambridge University Press and edited by IRES members.

Aim and Scope

Demographic variables such as fertility, mortality, migration and family structures notably respond to economic incentives and in turn affect the economic development of societies. Journal of Demographic Economics welcomes both empirical and theoretical papers on issues relevant to Demographic Economics with a preference for combining abstract economic or demographic models together with data to highlight major mechanisms.



Journal of Demographic Economics is published 4 times a year in March, June, September and December

Title History

The journal was first published in 1929 as Bulletin de l’Institut des Sciences Economiques. It later became known as Louvain Economic Review, and continued till 2014 to publish under this title. In 2015, it moved to Cambridge University Press, increased its international character and changed its focus exclusively to demographic economics

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Find out more information and how to subscribe on the journal page on CUP site.

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Journal of Demographic Economics is member of ReviewerCredits. Each review you will perform for JODE will be validated by the Editor and will entitle you to virtual credits, which can be used to obtain benefits offered by ReviewerCredits partners. We invite you to register on the ReviewCredits platform and claim reviews performed for JODE. This service is provided free of charge. Find out more at


Regards économiques

cover Regards

Regards économiques is the French-speaking journal of UCLouvain economists. It is edited by Vincent Bodart and Muriel Dejemeppe. Regards économiques publishes economic analyses on various socio-economic issues in a pedagogical and non-technical language in order to reach a large audience. All issues are freely available to download on the journal's site.





Repertorium Eruditorium Totius Europae

Cover RETERepertorium Eruditorium Totius Europae is an Open Access journal edited  by Prof. David de la Croix.

Aim and Scope

The purpose of this collection is to provide summary descriptions of the set of scholars and literati who intervened in teaching at the European universities and academies  since their inception to the eve of the Industrial Revolution (1800).

One of the benefit of this collection will be to see all the contributions together, enabling quick comparisons across institutions.

This collection has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 883033 “Did elite human capital trigger the rise of the West? Insights from a new database of European scholars”.


  • David de la Croix, Editor-in-Chief,
  • Mara Vitale, Co-editor