Regards économiques


Aim and Scope

Regards économiques is a publication of economists from the Catholic University of Louvain created in 2002 by IRES. Regards économiques publishes (mostly in French) economic analyses on various socio-economic issues in a pedagogical and non-technical language in order to reach a large audience. It reflects the willingness of the economists from UCLouvain to get more involved in the socio-economic debate, particularly in Belgium, and to contribute more directly to the understanding of socio-economic issues. Regards économiques is intended to help and inform policy makers, business companies, non-profit organizations, but also teachers and students.

Editorial Comittee

The editorial committee is made of academics from UCLouvain. The purpose of the editorial committee is:

  1.  to incite economists from UCLouvain to write articles and to promote some diversity in the covered subjects;
  2. to check the scientific quality of the published articles and;
  3. to ensure that the articles are written in a language open to a large audience.


  • Muriel Dejemeppe
  • Vincent Bodart.

Editorial Board

  • Paul Belleflamme (CORE-ILSM),
  • Gilles Grandjean (UCLouvain - Saint-Louis Bruxelles),
  • Jean Hindriks (CORE),
  • William Parienté (IRES),
  • Sandy Tubeuf (UCLouvain, IRSS & IRES),
  • Frédéric Vrins (UCLouvain, LFIN).

Issue and  Focus

Regards économiques publishes two types of issues : regular issues and focuses.

An issue of Regards économiques offers a thorough economic analysis on important socio-economic matters. Whereas the "Focus" is a concise economic analysis on a news topic.


The distribution of Regards économiques is mainly electronic. The persons who take out a subscription to Regards économiques receive an email announcing each new issue, which they can freely download in PDF format from the website at