Additional courses (preparatory module) to the master course

To access  this Master, students must have a good command of certain subjects. If this is not the case, students must take supplementary classes chosen by the faculty to satisfy course prerequisites.

What is a preparatory module?

It is a set of supplementary classes (courses, practical works, seminars, etc.) from the first cycle (see the non-exhaustive list below). The complementary module (maximum 60 credits) is tailor-made by the jury according to the student's educational background and added to the Master’s programme in order to acquire fundamental knowledge to then pursue the 120 credits of the Master’s programme.

Who is it for?
  • Students from a non-university higher education institution
  • Candidates admitted with additional training
  • Candidates admitted on the file with additional training

All the explanations are in this document (in French).

Mandatory Languages
Students must choose 2 languages from German, English, French and Dutch according to the languages which he wishes to include in his masters programme.
Optional German
Optional LALLE1710  German language
DE q1  30h+30h  5 credits      
Caroline Klein (coord.)

Optional LGERM1116  German II
DE q1+q2  30h+30h  5 credits      
DE q1+q2  30h+15h  5 credits      
Optional LGERM1317  German III
DE q1+q2  45h+45h  5 credits      
Optional LGERM1501  German IV
DE q1+q2  30h+30h  5 credits      
Optional English
Optional LANGL1720  English language
EN q1  60h  5 credits      
Optional LGERM1123  English Grammar
EN q1+q2  30h+15h  5 credits      
EN q1+q2  45h+45h  5 credits      
EN q1+q2  30h+30h  5 credits      
Optional Dutch
Optional LNEER1730  Dutch language
NL q1  60h  5 credits      
NL q2  30h+30h  5 credits      
Optional LGERM1133  Dutch grammar
NL q1+q2  30h+15h  5 credits      
NL q1+q2  45h+30h  5 credits      
NL q1+q2  30h+30h  5 credits      
Optional French
FR q1 or q2  60h  5 credits      
FR q1 or q2  30h  3 credits      
FR q1 or q2  30h  3 credits      
FR q1+q2  30h+15h  5 credits      
FR q2  30h+12.5h  5 credits      
Optional One course from :
(Depending on their file, students may be required to take both courses.)
FR q1 or q2  30h  3 credits      
FR q2  30h  3 credits      
Mandatory Un cours "général" au choix parmi
One course to be chosen from the list below OR any other bachelor level course which is put forward by the Master¿s examination board (MULT2M)
DE q1  22.5h  5 credits      
EN q1  22.5h  5 credits      
EN q2  22.5h  5 credits      
NL q1  30h  5 credits      
NL q2  30h  5 credits