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Thinking about the post-oil era in specific terms!

  How, specifically, do we achieve the energy transition? UCLouvain researchers are coordinating a major research project aimed at answering this crucial question by 2024, in order to provide politicians and actors with tools to make the transition happen. ‘The world is talking...
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Silica dust toxicity exposed

The inhalation of silica dust in mines, quarries and construction sites causes serious diseases such as silicosis and bronchial cancers. Its toxicity, while proven, hasn’t been well understood – until now. Through a study published in PNAS our researchers are creating a small revolution in...
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Construction robots

  ‘How can we build differently?’ Prof. Pierre Latteur first answered this question some time ago: the drone enthusiast initiated research on how drones could be used on a construction site. Today he has another answer: after construction drones, construction robots! A brief...
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Science and health

Just a number at work? Beware of the dangers

  Beware of organisational dehumanisation. The phenomenon, which has been studied for some years by work and organisational psychology researchers, is spreading, and causing damage. Employees who feel their company sees them as just a tool or a number are forced to deal with...
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Eco-responsibility: child’s play

  Today’s children are tomorrow’s adults and decision-makers. And in this world in transition, they can shake things up from an early age, for example, by protecting our planet. How? Via the effect of proudly displaying the ‘eco-friendly’ label. UCLouvain researcher Karine Charry...
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