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The content of this Internet site is presented for information only. This site contains links to other Internet sites for whose management and content UCL is not responsible.

Respect for privacy

UCL is committed to respecting current Belgian legislation on the protection of privacy. The processing of personal data in connection with this site is subject to the 8 December 1992 law on the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data, amended by the 11 December 1998 law transposing the 24 October 1995 Directive 95/46/CE of the European Parliament and Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, as well as to the relevant Royal Decrees. Moreover, UCL applies the provisions of Collective Labour Agreement No. 81 on the protection of worker privacy with regard to network electronic communication data verification. The legal texts are available on the website of the Belgian Commission for the Protection of Privacy (https://www.privacycommission.be/en).

The term ‘personal data’ refers to all information concerning an identified or identifiable person. A person is identifiable when he or she can be identified directly or indirectly, including by reference to an identification number or to one or several specific physical, physiological, psychological, economic, cultural or social characteristics – for example, to the person’s surname and name, address, telephone number, email address, preferences, race, gender, etc. A person’s professional address and telephone number are also personal data. Finally, a TCP/IP address can in certain cases be considered personal data.

‘Processing’ is understood as any operation or series of operations carried out with or without the assistance of automated processes and applied to personal data. Examples include collection, storage, organisation, maintenance, adaptation or modification, extraction, use, communication by transmission, broadcast or any other form of dissemination, alignment or interconnection, as well as the blocking, erasure or destruction of personal data.

Collected information and data and data collection methods

The UCL website includes both an Internet site accessible to the public and an intranet reserved to certain users.

Personal information and data that may be collected while visiting the site include:

  •  the Internet domain from which you access the site;
  •  the IP address of the computer you use to access the site;
  •  information concerning pages you consult on the site and the last actions carried out therein;
  •  your email address if revealed, for example, by sending messages or posing questions on the site, communicating with us by email or participating in website forums;
  •  your identification as a user when accessing the restricted part of the site;
  •  any other information you provide voluntarily, for example as part of surveys and/or registration on our site or expression of preferences regarding the information we send you.

Personal information and data can be collected or processed in via either:

  •  forms to fill out in order to access certain services on our site;
  •  ‘cookies’.

Confidentiality and use of cookies

Some personal information may be collected to optimise site operation. UCL cares about protecting your personal information and has therefore implemented information and privacy protection measures that comply with current regulations.

In accordance with Article 129, 1°, of the 13 June 2005 law on electronic communication (LCE), UCL informs the user of the use of cookies by the servers of its sites.

A cookie is a small file sent by our servers and saved on your computer. Cookies are used, for example, to facilitate your navigation, retain your preferences, and make interaction between you and Internet servers quicker and easier. Cookies are also used to statistically analyse your navigation while maintaining the anonymity of your navigation data.

Cookies sent by our servers are exempt from the consent requirement per Article 129, 1°, of the LCE. They in effect fall into the categories described in the document entitled ‘Opinion 04/2012 on Cookie Consent Exemption’, adopted per Article 29 on 7 June 2012.

To promote their content, certain pages of this site use third-party services such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo. These third-party sites use cookies that are under their sole responsibility.

You can block cookies at any time by configuring your browser:

Please be advised that blocking cookies will render parts of our site inaccessible.

Personal data processing and purposes

Your data is collected in order to provide a complete, functional website. They are collected and processed solely for the following purposes concurrent with the proper and efficient operation of the site:

  •  efficient management of our website (for example, improving the quality of available information, ergonomics and management; optimising navigation; compiling statistics, etc.);
  •  responding to user requests (for example, identifying information to provide to each user; answering questions; automatic information dissemination, such as news or reports based on your preferences; providing information which UCL deems useful based on your prior site visits, etc.);

Collected personal data can be used for statistical purposes in compliance with the 13 February 2001 Royal Decree implementing the 8 December 1992 law.

Collected information and data are neither ceded nor transmitted to another organisation. However, we reserve the right to divulge personal information and/or data upon request by a legal authority in accordance with current laws and regulations.


UCL’s General Information System (SGSI) includes security measures that ensure personal data is used for the purposes for which they were collected.

UCL is committed to doing its utmost to take appropriate security measures to protect you from the loss, abuse, communication to unauthorised third parties or alteration of personal information and data collected on our site.

Rights of access and rectification

The party responsible for processing your personal data related to the UCL website is the Université catholique de Louvain. In accordance with current legislation, you have the right to access your personal information and data as well as the right to rectify any discrepancies. On request, you thus can be informed of the existence of personal data concerning you and correct any inaccuracies. If you wish to exercise these rights, or if you feel our website does not respect privacy protection regulations or the provisions outlined on this page, contact the Director of SGSI (see below). After verifying your identity, we will respond as soon as possible.


For all questions and requests concerning the protection of privacy on the UCL website, contact us by post or email:

General Information System (SGSI)
Place de l'Université, 1
1348 Louvain-la-Neuve