Calendar for UCLOUVAIN

LIBST thesis

Sarah Becker: Peroxiredoxin-5 regulation by microRNAs and implication in the innate immune response of mouse and human phagocytes
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LIBST seminar

Marianne ROOMAN (Université Libre de Bruxelles): Computational prediction of (de)stabilizing mutations in proteins and disease-causing variants
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CCMS Doctoral Day

  Center on Consumers and Marketing Strategy (CCMS) Doctoral Day   A joint initiative of the Center for Research on Consumption and Leisure (CeRCLe, University of Namur) and the Center of Excellence on Consumer Relations and Responsible Marketing (CERMA, ILSM, UCL)...
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14:30 / Statistics Seminars

Eugen Pircalabelu, ISBA - UCLouvain

Statistics Seminars Eugen Pircalabelu, ISBA - UCLouvain "Using vine copulas to estimate the structure of directed acyclical graphs" Abstract: We present a new method of estimating and selecting a Bayesian network for continuous data with the goal of stepping outside the class...
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Brown fat and lipid metabolism

Speaker : Jorg Heeren Title : Brown fat and lipid metabolism
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