Calendar for UCLOUVAIN

DFAR Seminar - Romane LELOUP and Chi-Hsien LEE

Monday, April 15, 2024 – 1pm – Auditoire Maisin  Romane LELOUP - LDRI/BPBL - GPR183 and its ligands as modulators of adipose tissue inflammation during obesity Chi-Hsien LEE - LDRI/MNUT - Isolating and characterizing new microbes from the human gut Info:...
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Zhifen WANG - Thesis public defence

Monday April 15, 2024 – 4pm – Salle Couvreur Zhifen WANG - Translational Research from Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology to Treatment Optimization (TFAR) - Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology (FACM) Evaluation of Antibiotics and Adjuvant Strategies Against Dual Species Biofilms...
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TFL Seminar

That’s a vortex (probably)!

There are many examples in fluid dynamics in which we wish to use a limited amount of information about a flow (e.g., from sensors) to infer its larger behavior. Rather than treat this inverse problem deterministically, it is valuable to embrace its uncertainty, e.g., due to noisy sensor...
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2024 Honorary Doctorates LSM-LouRIM

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ELIE seminar

Understanding how Belgian agricultural landscapes impact...

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