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4 higly cited researchers in 2018

4 Highly cited researchers in 2018 at the Louvain Drug Research Institute of UCLouvain (Web of Science – Clarivate Analytics) Fabienne Danhier, Véronique Préat (LDRI/ADDB), Patrice Cani and Nathalie Delzenne (LDRI/MNut) have been selected this year as Highly Cited Researchers. The list...
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Eugène De Somer 2018 Award - Giulio G. Muccioli (BPBL/LDRI)

Prix Eugène De Somer 2018, awarded to Giulio G. Muccioli (BPBL/LDRI) for his research works on the endocannabinoid system in the context of inflammation. “The enzymes of the endocannabinoid system as anti-inflammatory targets” Congratulations to him and to the past and present members...
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CRS Italy chapter PhD Thesis Award - Chiara Bastiancich

Chiara Bastiancich a reçu le prix "CRS Italy chapter PhD Thesis Award” pour sa thèse intitulée “ Lauroyl-gemcitabine lipid nanocapsule hydrogel for the local treatment of glioblastoma". Avec ce prix, la section italienne de la Controlled Release Society reconnaît et récompense...
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14 November 2018, new PhD at the LDRI, Claire Beaufay

Evaluation of antiparasitic potential of plants used in traditional medicine, of their bioactive triterpenic components and derivatives. Publications: Beaufay, C., Hérent, M.-F., Quetin-Leclercq, J. & Bero, J. In vivo anti-malarial activity and toxicity studies of triterpenic...
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Laure Elens - Victor Armstrong Young Investigator Award

Laure Elens (PMGK/TFAR/LDRI) received the Victor Armstrong Young Investigator Award at the 16th IATDMCT congress, held in Brisbane, Australia (16-19/09/2018). This award recognizes and encourages the professional development and achievements of a young investigator who has demonstrated...
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