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Camille AMADIEU - Thesis defence

Camille AMADIEU - LDRI (Metabolism and Nutrition group - MNut) and IoNS Gut microbiota, biological and psychological alterations in alcohol use disorder PhD Thesis in Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Science Supervisors: Prof. Nathalie Delzenne (LDRI/Mnut), Prof. Philippe de Timary (IoNS),...
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Antoine CHRISTIAENS - Thesis defence

Antoine CHRISTIAENS - LDRI/TFAR CLIP (Clinical Pharmacy) "Implications of health status and metabolic heterogeneities for glycaemic management in older patients with type 2 diabetes" Promotor et Co-promotors : Prof. Séverine Henrard, Prof. Benoit Boland, Prof. Michel Hermans. Related...
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Albert Ruiz Sorribas - Thesis defence

Albert RUIZ SORRIBAS - LDRI/TFAR FACM (Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology) Targeting inter-kingdom biofilms with antimicrobials and hydrolytic enzymes Director: Prof. Françoise Van Bambeke. Publications linked to the PhD thesis: Ruiz-Sorribas A, Poilvache H, Kamarudin NHN, Braem...
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Donatienne d'Hose - Thesis defence

Donatienne d’Hose - LDRI/REMA (Biomedical Magnetic Resonance) Dual EPR measurement of oxygen consumption and superoxide production: principle and applications Director: Prof. Bernard Gallez - Co-Director: Prof. Bénédicte Jordan Publications linked to the PhD thesis: D. d’Hose, P....
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Aristote BUYA - Thesis defence

Self-emulsifying systems for the oral delivery of anti-sickling agents Aristote BUYA - LDRI/ADDB (Advanced Drug Delivery and Biomaterials) Director : Prof. Véronique Préat - Co-directors : Prof.  Ana Beloqui et Prof. Patrick Memvanga Publications : Buya, A. B.,...
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