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EACR Award - Florian Gourgue (REMA/MNUT)

Florian Gourgue won the EACR Award for the best poster at the 11th ENBDC (European Network of  Breast Development and Cancers Labs) on May 16-18, 2019 in Weggis.  The title was "Obesity & Triple Negative Breast Cancer: Apelin is a new key target" (Prof. Benedicte...
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PhD Day - Awards

During the PhD Day, two awards were won. The award for the best oral communication was obtained by Florian Gourgue (REMA / MNUT) and the award for the best poster by Martin Roumain (BPBL). Martin Roumain  My poster is titled "Development of an UPLC-MS / MS method for the combined...
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The LDRI PhD day 2019 took place on May 24. It was an event that allowed the PhD students of our Institute to highlight the fruit of their labours but also to share and discuss their results with the other PhD students from the Institute's various laboratories. This kind of event helps to foster...
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The PhD-day of the LDRI will take place this Friday 24th May in the Auditorium G (Auditoires centraux). Participants are welcome to arrive around 8.40 am. Please find the program attached. 
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BNS Award 2019 - Sarah Pötgens

Annual meeting of the Belgian Nutrition Sarah Pötgens (MNUT research group/LDRI) won the young researcher oral presentation competition at the Belgian Nutrition Society annual meeting on May 3. In her presentation, she showed results of her PhD project which aims to unravel the pathways...
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